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Louann TungCore-Herence coaching was founded by Louann Schwager Tung, Ph.D. who is a licensed 1:1 HeartMath® provider trained at the Boulder Creek CA headquarters of HeartMath LLC. Her first introduction to HeartMath was as an employee at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore CA, USA. With a Ph. D. in nuclear engineering from the University of California at Berkeley, she was employed as an engineer at LLNL from 1990 to 2013. As an LLNL ombudsperson, she took a half-day stress solutions class that was offered at LLNL. In this class, she learned about the physiology of stress, the HeartMath techniques, and emWave2®. This immediately sold her on the idea to become a HeartMath provider – especially since she had been encouraged by friends to consider a life coach career. However, after the first few weeks of being enamored with the emWave®, she noticed that the use of the emWave by herself and the other students fell quickly. As part of the HeathMath training, the first step was take one month of coaching from a licensed 1:1 HeartMath provider. Only then did she realize the value of this 1:1 coaching and really learned how to apply the techniques to personal experiences. This personal attention cannot be shared and experienced in a seminar setting. Part of the homework with the personal HeartMath coach was to apply these techniques daily. In just the second week, falling asleep was easier and getting back to sleep in the middle of the night was quicker. The HeartMath techniques are excellent sleep aides. Waking up more refreshed was the natural outcome.

Over a month, these focused HeartMath exercises became habits. These techniques applied frequently and daily during calm moments enabled her to apply them in the heat of the intense moments. Core-Herence coaching was born out of this HeartMath training and personal experience as an experimenter in engineering research and in the inner world exploration. She has taken over 500 hours of meditation and self-awareness courses.

In Core-Herence coaching, the most enjoyable moments is in watching those ‘ah-ha’ moments that clients experience when they see the beauty and simplicity of these techniques in dramatic transformation in their lives. Working from the heart literally heals the past - the release is palpable.

“A change of heart changes everything.”

You are cordially invited to enter the world within and transform your life emotionally, physically, and intellectually. Please fill out the form below for a free, no obligation, initial consultation or if you have questions.


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