Are you a “Desk Jockey?”

Long term patterns of stress often result in disease.
We often live from the ‘neck-up’ forcing our bodies
to be immobilized for hours and hours attached to
computers. I jokingly call us “Desk Jockeys”! I learned
the hard way how this prolonged sitting creates joint problems, muscle weakness and even low bone density! 

Disease and injury themselves add to our stress because we are less productive at home and at work. Medication
is often just a temporary patch of our symptoms not addressing the root cause and creating unwanted side effects. Fortunately many of the stress-related illnesses and injuries can be alleviated by changing the way we
react to life and learning to listen to our bodies.

blood pressure reductionCore-Herence coaching is based on the scientifically validated HeartMath program which has been proven to reduce blood pressure and even to encourage weight loss.

This bar chart shows a typical result. Three months after a 4-week HeartMath course conducted at 3 companies, employee blood pressure improved significantly. (Plot provided by HeartMath LLC.)

Using the HeartMath program called “Revitalize You”, Core-Herence personal coaching will help you create a new you from the inside out!

In only 4-6 hours of coaching at one hour per week, you learn to:

Along with the HeartMath techniques, you’ll learn how to use the award winning Inner Balance™, emWave2® or emWave® Desktop to feedback physiological changes and accelerate your progress. 

Contact me here for a 30-minute free no-obligation session.

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