Inner Awakening

Inner Awakening is the mother of all self-awareness courses! It is based on the science of the inner world
of our minds that is over 5000 years old!

Inner Awakening is a 21-day course held each month. When I took this class in May 2013, all 21-days were
held at the Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam ashram about
an hour south of Bangalore India. Since then the first 4
or 10 days can be taken through a two-way live video conference at a center near you with participants at the ashram in India. That way you can conveniently sample
the first 4-days or 10-days of the class before you decide
to take the leap of committing time, money, and travel for the remaining days (21 total) of intense inner awakening
in India.

In the energy center of the ashram, miracle transformations happen. I was totally shocked when I discovered how 10-minutes of a seemingly unimportant event in my life as a 3 year old created a root pattern that I unconsciously carried with me all my life. Once I relived and relieved the event and many similar smaller events, my subconscious reactionary mind started to evaporate. Then I chose to recreate myself in the space I wanted which I describe as “Dancin' in the Kitchen”! This space of ecstasy which I strive to be in every moment inspired me to create the blog of the same name so that you too can join in my space!

Consider the great adventure of attending Inner Awakening as the adventure of a lifetime!

If you really want to go but do not have the time or finances, you can fill out an intention form. Then miracles can happen! In my case 3 people donated to my course cost which allowed me to attend!

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