Use the physiology of meditation to feedback your state of mind and heart!

The general purpose of meditation is to relax from the mind which is essential to experience the ecstasy and energy of being in the moment. Daily meditation is meant as a practice until this state of mind becomes a habit 24/7. The physiological effects of meditation immediately appear in the variability of the heart rate of the meditator. One way to relax from the mind and reduce your thoughts is bring your attention to a positive emotional state. The Inner Balance™, emWave2® or emWave® Desktop is the perfect device to feedback this positive emotional state. When we radiate feelings of gratitude, devotion, or appreciation, the heart rate variability HRV falls into a coherent state. When the mind (mental chatter) wanders to concerns over the future or the past, the HRV and breathing becomes less ordered and more jagged. While connected to an emWave, this shift is detected within a second and the monitor color and (optional) audible tone changes. It’s a quick reminder to bring the awareness back to that positive state.

Using the emWave is the perfect trainer for a beginning meditator or for the advanced student to go into the reduced thought state in just seconds where every second counts in our fast-paced life style. With the emWave2®, you can take your personal meditation coach with you wherever you can find moments of relaxation – whether its in the office, in your car or even in the bathroom! With the emWave® Desktop, you can quietly monitor your entire meditation session and review it later to see which meditation techniques out there work the best for you.  You can experiment to find your most coherent time of day to meditate.  You can even measure how the foods you eat affect your coherence.

In just 4-6 weeks, you can learn how to change the channel of inner chatter to the space of calm awareness.

Along with the HeartMath techniques, you’ll learn how to use the award winning Inner Balance™, emWave2® and/or emWave® Desktop to feedback physiological changes and accelerate your progress. The physiological changes in your body are easily measured while you meditate. Experiment with your favorite mediation techniques and see which works best for you!  A history of your results is saved so you can see your progress.

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