Is somebody pushing your buttons?

Do you ruminate over past conversations and arm yourself for the next battle? Do you constantly ask yourself “Why?”

Our expectations of others is the first barrier to a good relationship! We color our relationships by our past positive and negative experiences which triggers emotions.

Strong negative emotions literally make you stupid!

We can be so angry we hope the other person drinks poison but we are drinking the poison and creating disease in our bodies!
When we shift our attitudes toward family, friends, and co-workers, we react in more rational, intuitive, and loving way.
Using the most popular HeartMath program called “Voyage to Heart Intelligence”, Core-Herence personal coaching will help you start living the life you want.Voyage to the Heart

In only 4-6 hours of coaching at one hour per week, you learn to:

Along with the HeartMath techniques, you'll learn how to use the award-winning Inner Balance™, emWave2® or emWave® Desktop to feedback physiological changes and accelerate your progress.

Contact me here for a 30-minute free no-obligation session.

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