business coachingWithin an organization, the intellect provides the direction but a caring environment provides the fuel and lubrication.

When HeartMath techniques are learned by upper management, the whole organization becomes more productive.

“At the heart of any good business is a chief executive officer with one.” 

- Malcolm Forbes

When I worked as an engineer at a national lab of 7000 employees, I was fortunate to work under a division head who would visit all 400 of us individually each year to ask how he could help us. He took the main machine shop from being a money pit to profitable with his caring attitude and ability to value and incorporate everyone’s input. I saw and experienced first-hand the profitability of heart-based leadership.

In this article entitled “Enlightenment Engineers” a Google engineer said “We’re basically the descendants of nervous monkeys... turning minor squabbles into the emotional equivalents of kill-or-be-killed showdowns… fear—can override the rest of the mind’s ability to think logically. We become slaves to our monkey minds."  The article describes how people in high-pressure work environments like Google are meditating at work which boosts creativity, productivity, and employee satisfaction.  

Using the HeartMath program called “Strategies for Coherent Performance”, Core-Herence personal coaching will help you find your clear source of wisdom that goes beyond logic and foster more cooperation in your work interactions.

In just 4-6 weeks, you can experience what nearly 1400 people at six global companies did even after 6 months after their HeartMath training:

Along with the HeartMath techniques, you'll learn how to use the award-winning Inner Balance™, emWave2® or emWave® Desktop to feedback physiological changes and accelerate your progress. The emWave® Desktop is the perfect stress monitor that can be shared by up to 25 employees and can be used as a tool to deepen meditation. 

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